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Early Goose season is almost here! These Canada Feeders will help your spread look natural and comforable.  They’re a great addition to a spread on the water’s edge, and will give the geese the feeling that there’s nothing funny about those birds assembled at the edge of the pond.

2 to a box.  Made in the USA.  17″ from the bottom of the keel to the tip of the tail.


We found these Old School Canada Feeder butts in the far north corner of our warehouse.  We didn’t plan on making them this year, so we’re putting the existing stock on sale just in time for your early goose season.  Old School Canada Goose Feeders come two to a box, and have a heavily weighted keel so they stay upright in even the strongest wind.  Built from durable High-density Polyethylene, they’re 100% made in the USA.


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