When you buy a G&H Decoy, you are buying generational quality, supporting American conservation and upholding the history and heritage of waterfowl hunting in our Nation.

The funds raised from purchasing a hunting license and your state and federal duck stamps goes directly towards supporting wildlife habitat for waterfowl populations to live and propagate. Additionally, two percent of every purchase you make at G&H Decoys goes towards supporting conservation efforts with reputable and trusted wildlife organizations.

Through the collaborative efforts of our key strategic conservation partners, G&H is committed not only to maintaining and restoring the natural resources that make waterfowling possible, but also passing along the American Traditions of hunting and conservation to the next generation.

Through support of Ducks Unlimited and the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Delta Waterfowl and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, G&H Decoys continues to support conservation efforts through through our volunteer efforts and initiatives as well as through funding.