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In 1934, the Federal Government outlawed the use of live migratory birds for decoying purposes. In light of the new legislation, John J. Gazalski realized the need to supply hunters a waterfowl decoy that complied with new conservation standards. This inspired him to invent a lightweight, stackable shell decoy constructed from a substance similar to paper mâché. In 1934, the first handmade “Henryettan Decoys” were produced from operations in the back of his home. By 1940, the demand for the decoys was so great that a U.S. patent was obtained and an abandoned sawmill was acquired and renovated. In the late 1940’s Mr. Gazalski was joined by his father-in-law, J.V. Hutton, and founded G&H Decoy Manufacturing Company.  G&H has continued to manufacture Made in USA Decoys, since its founding, over eight decades ago.

By 1956, the growing availability of plastic technology enabled G&H to design and manufacture decoys with even more realistic features. By the early 1960’s the company was also manufacturing floating decoys.

G&H Decoys proudly calls Henyetta, Oklahoma, home. Located in the center of America’s Heartland, G&H Decoys is proud to be American made and of superior quality and value. G&H offers an authentically made decoy that is as resilient as the American hunter and is made to last generations.

When you buy a G&H Decoy, you are buying generational quality, supporting American conservation and upholding the history and heritage of waterfowl hunting in our nation.


For duck hunters, G&H Decoys, Inc. is already a household name. G&H has a reputation for quality and longevity, and is steeped in the finest traditions of waterfowl hunting.

With changes in the world economy over the past few decades, G&H is the last of its kind – a hold out from the Dust Bowl days where strength of will and American muscle were part of our shared ideals. When other companies moved production overseas, G&H dug in. G&H is the cornerstone business in Henryetta, Oklahoma. Many workers have survived decades of challenges and wear their longevity and resiliency as a badge of honor.

G&H customers enjoy sneaking out on a cold morning with their trusty retreivers, a handful of cherished friends and making use of their grandpa’s old duck call. They enjoy the quiet beauty of the morning’s changing light and inside jokes with decades of backstory. They hunt over their dad’s G&H Decoys, handed down from the previous generation with the knowledge of what “real hunting” is all about.

For our hunters, it’s not about decoys. It’s about connection. It’s about being grateful to God for His creation, a good pair of waders, healthy kids and dear friends. It’s about being proud of the dirt beneath their fingernails. It’s about an honest day’s work and the occasional dishonest “sick day” when the birds are coming in.

For G&H, the decoys we make are simply the product. When you buy G&H, you are subscribing to the idea of strength of character, love of country, taking care of the ground that the good Lord gave us, and always buying American.

We are not competing with other decoy companies. We are lifting all boats. We are drawing a line in the sand. We are proud to be made in America. This is our country. We’ll protect and preserve it. Let’s reclaim what is ours.


With a changing world economy, the “made in the USA” badge is becoming an endangered species. Decoy companies and most of the American manufacturing infrastructure have moved overseas, where labor is cheap, environmental policies are loose and margins are wide.

As Americans, our sense of self-worth is embedded in what we are able to achieve. During WWII, the American workforce turned its collective might towards military production. The Ford Motor Company built one B-24 Liberator airplane every 63 minutes. At G&H, we maintain the heritage and pride of the American worker.

The world has never seen human beings prosper and achieve so much and in as short a period of time as in the United States. The reason is simple: As Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom and the dignity of the individual have been more available and ensured here, than on any other place on earth.” We believe American freedom, sovereignty and power is tied directly to American manufacturing. We need to make things, not just buy things. When American goods are manufactured overseas, Americans don’t just lose their jobs, they lose their dignity.

Where are your products made? Wherever it is, the dollars you spend purchasing those products are strengthening that country’s economy. At G&H, we believe things can, once again, be made in America. As the world economy becomes more volatile and uncertain, the time has never been more important to buy American.

When you buy products made in America, you are supporting American workers and an American salary. Here in Henryetta, Oklahoma, we are setting the standard for the new American worker. We will make the things we need here, in America. We are proud to show other industries that there is no substitute for American quality from American producers.

Where are your decoys made?