WD23 Premier Series Wood Duck


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Half Dozen Carton (6) | 4 Drakes, 2 Hens

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The WD23 is the Wood Duck decoy your dreams are made of.  Do woodies really decoy?  No one really knows.  But the best way to find out is with these decoys.  Wood Duck decoys are all about detail – these have plenty and they’re built tough enough to make sure that detail doesn’t go away the first time you throw them in the bed of your truck.

The hens may be the best part of this decoy package.  While most companies overlook the hens and give you a drab, brown duck, we payed close attention to the subtle color details on the real bird, to ensure you’d have a hen that looks like the real thing.  Champion Decoy Carver Luke Costilow designed these decoys to be the cleanest, brightest looking wood duck money can buy.

WD23 Premier Series Wood Ducks will ship on September 15, 2023.

Half Dozen Carton (6) | 4 Drakes, 2 Hens

15” Long | Stationary Heads

Out of stock

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Compare these quality features of G&H Decoys:

  • Designed by 8x Champion Decoy Carver Luke Costilow
  • Molded, high-impact HDPE for lightweight durability and maximum strength in freezing temperatures
  • Proprietary G&H paint, proven to last for decades
  • Unique weighted keel with multiple attachment points
  • Keel’s weight and counter balance guarantee self-righting
  • Authentically hand painted with natural bird colors for exceptional realism
  • Life-like raised feather detail and realistic acrylic eyes
  • Recessed body design creates a vacuum which causes the bird to ride more realistically on the water


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