G&H x Sure Shot 2022 Limited Edition Calls


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How many ducks have been killed with a Sure Shot Yentzen Caller over G&H Decoys?  We’re sure it’s more than a few.

Lucky for you, Sure Shot and G&H have combined their powers to bring you a Limited Edition call that your kids will fight over after you’re gone!  The company that invented the floating plastic decoy, and the company that invented the double reed duck call bring you the G&H x Sure Shot Limited Edition line of calls.

Choose from three options: a classic wooden Yentzen Caller, an acrylic Yentzen Caller, and the new NXT Single Reed call, all with the G&H logo on one side, and the Sure Shot logo on the other.  This call is a must have for serious waterfowl gurus, and a great gift for the old man who taught you to hunt.

There are only 6 of each call, so make sure you act fast!



Choose from three options:

The G&H x Sure Shot Classic Yentzen Caller – This is the ORIGINAL double reed call.  Easy to blow, this is a great call for veterans and beginners alike.

The G&H x Sure Shot Acrylic Yentzen Caller – Everything you love about the original, but made in a durable acrylic that’s built to last.  Slightly more volume, without sacrificing that rich Yentzen tone.  Designed to the specs of the original, but still tuned with Sure Shot’s proven methods.

The G&H x Sure Shot NXT Single Reed – New to the lineup, this call is sure to grow into a favorite.  Built as a “j-frame” call, this single reed has the power to project.  The NXT gives off a raspy quack, but has enough versatility to produce solid low, mid and high range tones.


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