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Are these the best rigs you’ve ever put on your decoy?  We think so!  Hebert’s Patented design ensures that your rigs won’t tangle, and decoys always separate before hitting the water.  Our Hebert’s Rigs in three sizes.   You’ll be sure to find a rig that hunts the way you do.

Clear monofilament.  Stainless snap swivels.  12 rigs per carton.  Made in the USA.


Are these the best decoy rigs you’ve ever hunted over?  We think so.  Hebert’s patented design ensures that your decoys separate when you throw them, no matter how tangled they are.  We’re confident you’ll replace all of your other rigs after you try Hebert’s Rigs.

Hebert’s Rigs are Made in Jennings, Louisiana.  After decades of personal use and testing, Damon Hebert has created the ultimate decoy rigs.  With a strong eye for quality control and a dedication to consistency, you can spend more time hunting and less time messing around in the dark.


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