Mallard – Full Body

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Four/Pack (4) | 2 Drakes/2Hens

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These are great decoys for a set up on the bank, the field or on the ice next to an open body of water. Raised feather detail and custom painting create a convincing decoy. Your G&H M4MFB Mallard Full Body Decoy comes in a set of four, two drakes and two hens. The heads include one drake resting position, one drake walker/preener and two feeder hens.

Drakes 22” Long/Hens 21” Long | Four/Pack (4) | 2 Drakes/2Hens | Four (4) Sets Removable Feet/Legs | Heads: 1 Drake Resting, 1 Drake Walker/Preener, 2 Hen Feeder

2 in stock (can be backordered)


Heads Included

Compare these quality features of G&H Decoys:

  • Duck/Goose head positions available
  • Molded, high impact plastic for lightweight durability
  • Specially treated surface for maximum paint adhesion and longevity
  • Authentically hand painted with natural bird colors for exceptional realism
  • Non-glare paint
  • Raised feather detail and realistic acrylic eyes
  • Removable swivel heads on selected models
  • Recessed body design creates a vacuum which makes the decoy appear to ride heavier and prevents rolling from side-to-side


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