Mallard – Super Magnum, Stationary Head


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Half Dozen Carton (6) | 4 Drakes/2 Hens

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Bigger is better – that’s the American way. These Super Magnum decoys are 22” long, making them much more visible. By the time the greenheads realize they are descending in the land of the giants, it’s too late. The G&H Super Magnum decoys come in sets of six: four drakes and two hens. If big is what you are looking for, the G&H Super Magnum is your decoy.

22” Long | Half Dozen Carton (6) | 4 Drakes/2 Hens | Stationary Head

Out of stock

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Compare these quality features of G&H Decoys:

  • Molded, high impact plastic for lightweight durability
  • Specially treated surface for maximum paint adhesion and longevity
  • Unique keel design with front and rear tie off
  • Anchor line adjustment hook
  • Keel’s weight and counter balance guarantee self-righting
  • Authentically hand painted with natural bird colors for exceptional realism
  • Non-glare paint
  • Raised feather detail and realistic acrylic eyes
  • Recessed body design creates a vacuum which makes the decoy appear to ride heavier and prevents rolling from side-to-side

1 review for Mallard – Super Magnum, Stationary Head

  1. Brent Owens

    I’ve used my super mag mallard decoys every year since the 80’s. I can confidently say these are the most durable, easiest to handle decoy I’ve ever owned. Very high quality decoy made for the long haul.

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