Hebert’s Decoy Rigs


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Tired of rigs that tangle on your way to the blind?  We’ve got the solution: Hebert’s Decoy Rigs.  Hebert’s Rigs have a patented design to remove the cause of tangling.  When you get where you’re going, you simply un-clip the carabiner holding the rigs, and your decoys separate.

Made from hard monofilament, Hebert’s rigs are built for durability, just like our decoys.  When other rigs tangle or become inoperable, Hebert’s rigs keep on working.  Durability and ease of use save you precious time in the morning and will reduce the amount of hassle you have in the off-season or when the hunt is over.

Hebert’s Rigs are available in a variety of options.  Sinker varieties include the classic egg sinker, the bank sinker, and a mushroom sinker.  Lengths vary between 24″ and 60″ and weights vary between 2 and 6 ounces.  Regardless of how you hunt, there’s an Hebert’s rig for you.

And remember – It’s pronounced “A-Bear!”

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