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Always wanted to build your own custom rig?  Now you can!  We’re proud to offer you three different blank decoys – a diver, a puddler, and a teal.  If you’ve always wanted that custom looking duck, or just wanted to try your hand and painting your own, this is your opportunity.  A great project to do with your kids or give as a gift, these blanks give you the freedom to create exactly what you want.

Sold in six-packs, you can build as many species as your style of hunting demands.  Having trouble finding a good cinnamon teal, or bufflehead decoy?  Now you can make your own.

Our blanks are made with the same molding process that our completed decoys have.  They come to you with a base coat of paint, a sand filled keel, and a set of acrylic eyes so that you can finish out your project with style.

Note: we know you’ll do a great job with these, but since you’re doing the work, we can’t warranty the paint job.  All blanks will be marked, and are not eligible for any warranty or guarantee.


Six packs.  Come base coated with filled keels, and ready for your paint scheme.  12 acrylic eyes included per package.  Made in the USA.



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