Canada Goose Floater

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Half Dozen Carton (6) | Sexes Alike

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Canadians are known for their polite demeanor. Canada geese are the opposite. These rugged long-distance migrators have been known to breed in the high Arctic and migrate into the Southern United States for the winter – ruining parks, zoos and golf courses at every step along the way. Our Canada floater decoy helps you bring these honkers in close. Lightweight and durable, the G&H CF102 Canada Floater Decoy features a unique weighted keel that guarantees self righting. Raised feather detail is authentically hand painted with non-glare material. Patented snap-on heads make transporting easier and are adjustable for a more realistic spread on the water. Unique keel design offers anchor line adjustment hook.

24” Long | Half Dozen Carton (6) | Sexes Alike | Removable Swivel Heads: 1 Greeter, 1 Swimmer/Preener, 2 Resting, 1 Sentinel, 1 Drinker

Available on backorder

Original price was: $209.99.Current price is: $167.98.

Heads Included


Compare these quality features of G&H Decoys:

  • Made in the USA
  • Duck/Goose head positions available
  • Molded, high impact plastic for lightweight durability
  • Specially treated surface for maximum paint adhesion and longevity
  • Unique keel design with front and rear tie off
  • Anchor line adjustment hook
  • Keel’s weight and counter balance guarantee self-righting
  • Authentically hand painted with natural bird colors for exceptional realism
  • Non-glare paint
  • Raised feather detail and realistic acrylic eyes
  • Removable swivel heads on selected models
  • Recessed body design creates a vacuum which makes the decoy appear to ride heavier and prevents rolling from side-to-side


The G&H Canada Goose Floater is built to last.  Painted with aircraft paint and treated with a proprietary heat-treating process, this decoy features flat, non-glare paint that won’t chip off when the weather gets cold.  Slightly larger than life size, these decoys will stand out on any water.  Our blend of thermoplastics is designed to stay flexible in the cold.  You can toss these decoys on the bank in mid-January, and not worry about cracking them.

We also carry replacement heads for the Canada Goose Floater decoy, so you don’t have to worry about losing a few.  Featuring five poses, you can create a spread that looks and feels genuine to the birds.


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