Blue Goose – Full Body


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Four/Pack (4) | Sexes Alike

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If you’ve watched snow geese for any length of time, you might notice a dark form with a white head – a color variant called the “blue goose.” Snow geese have skyrocketed in numbers and are now among the most abundant waterfowl on the continent. Watching flocks of snow geese descend upon your decoy spread is a little like standing inside a snow globe. The G&H B209FB Blue Goose Decoys are so realistic that even at extremely close range it is difficult to recognize them as imitations. Raised feather detail and custom painting create a convincing decoy that fools wild geese every time. The twist lock assures positive connection for detachable heads and allows head to be separated from body without damage.

25” Long | Four/Pack (4) | Sexes Alike | Four (4) Sets Removable Feet/Legs | Removable Swivel Heads: 2 Feeder, 1 Greeter, 1 Sentinel

Out of stock

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Compare these quality features of G&H Decoys:

  • Duck/Goose head positions available
  • Molded, high impact plastic for lightweight durability
  • Specially treated surface for maximum paint adhesion and longevity
  • Authentically hand painted with natural bird colors for exceptional realism
  • Non-glare paint
  • Raised feather detail and realistic acrylic eyes
  • Removable swivel heads on selected models
  • Recessed body design creates a vacuum which makes the decoy appear to ride heavier and prevents rolling from side-to-side


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